Years of Experience:


Cash On Hand Required:

$89,250 - $127,500

Franchise, Royalty or Ad Fees:


Total Investment:

$297,500 - $1,000,000

Can Be Home-Based

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WaterStation Technology Business Opportunity

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Be a part of the $11 billion+ U.S. bottled water market with our Alkaline Water Vending Business Opportunity. The only vending machine that turns local tap water into healthful alkaline, ionized water at a fraction of the cost of bottled alkaline water. 

Diversify your personal financial portfolio and experience a strong ROI.

Since our WaterStation® machines use local water, you never have to restock them or keep an inventory of bottled water. With no franchise fee and no royalties, this business opportunity can produce a huge ROI.

We offer multiple WaterStation® package sizes to fit most budgets.

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WaterStation Technology designs, manufactures, installs and operates patent-pending water filtration machines.

Our machines stretch many verticals, affording WaterStation Technology (WST) the opportunity to provide clean, pure alkaline water to consumers everywhere.

While operating a traditional vending business (candy, carbonated soda, chips), WST's leadership witnessed first hand the growth in water consumption, but saw a huge issue—plastic waste. In an effort to capitalize on the consumer trends, without creating plastic waste, WST developed a patent-pending filtration system and engineered modern cabinets to create versatile, bottle-less water dispensers.

Our Vending Business Opportunity will allow entrepreneurs the ability to secure their own territory and supply the purest alkaline water through an environmentally friendly business model.

Completely Passive, Turnkey Investment

No Fees or Territory Restrictions

Unique, Multiple Patent-Pending System Design

Funding Solution Plans in Place

We Design and Manufacture Bottleless Waterstations that are Both

Planet Friendly & Human Healthy

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Our Fundamental Benefits Tax Deduction up to $1Mil

Passive Ownership Programs for both Veterans and Non-veterans

about US


A revolutionary vending machine that creates virtual spring water through a natural mineralization process.

The WST-700 is a state-of-the-art water dispensing system that purifies drinking water to a very high standard and percolates it through layers of natural minerals to produce a soft, silky water in one, three and five gallon increments.

The only single-serve vending machine that creates virtual spring water through a natural mineralization process, and it's bottle-less!

The WST-600 delivers alkaline mineral water in a single-serve portion allowing the consumer to fill their favorite reusable cup or sports bottle.


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